Anthropologica Slovaca aspires to become the flagship journal of the Slovak Association of Social Anthropology. It is an anonymously peer-reviewed journal for social anthropology that publishes original ethnographic or theoretical research as well as book reviews of relevant texts in anthropology and related fields. The journal seeks a plurality of voices in each issue. It includes work by practicing anthropologists and anthropologists outside the academy.

Anthropologica Slovaca is also opened to students from all levels of studies, post-doctoral and early career researchers and provides an avenue for professionalization and involvement in journal publication processes.

The journal accepts contributions from all subfields of anthropology as well as from related disciplines.

We encourage submissions of original research addressing anthropological issues and problems, but also submissions exploring how anthropological skills, ideas, and ethnography can impact on contemporary social issues, as well as those ones that emphasize anthropology’s capacity to shape public issues, social problems, and global realities.

The Anthropologica Slovaca journal releases two issues per year. Information such as calls for papers and editorial and peer-reviewing opportunities, as well as new issues can be found on the Slovak Association of Social Anthropology web site.

Anthropologica Slovaca is particularly interested in four types of submissions:
1) Original research articles (under 10000 words)
2) Theoretical commentaries (under 4000 words)
3) Book reviews (under 1500 words)
4) Photo essays (10 photos and up to 1500 words of commentary)

However, if you think that you have written an original and relevant text that does not fit into the above mentioned four categories, please email the editors. You can email your texts to the editorial team on

We look forward to seeing your submissions!