Interview with Camilla Morelli

24. March 2022|

Camilla Morelli is an anthropologist of childhood and youth, and a Lecturer at the University of Bristol. She has conducted extensive ethnographic fieldwork with forest-dwelling children in Peruvian Amazonia. In this interview, Camilla [...]

Anthropologica Slovaca

31. January 2022|

Anthropologica Slovaca aspires to become the flagship journal of the Slovak Association of Social Anthropology. It is an anonymously peer-reviewed journal for social anthropology that publishes original ethnographic or theoretical research as well as [...]

Interview with Juraj Šott

30. January 2022|

Juraj studied social and cultural anthropology at University College London in the United Kingdom. Today, he pursues research design at Tatra banka, where he works within the Experience Design and Research department. In the [...]

Interview with Barbora Bírová

30. January 2022|

Studying anthropology can also create some type of sensitivity, and it certainly creates some insight into the world. When you leave university for everyday life, field research will also prove to be very valuable. [...]